Tallydog Circle of Friends

This game is intended to create a state of relaxation by allowing the user to focus attention with some of our favorite friends while listening to relaxing music.

Tallydog Mobile Game

Game Features which reduce stress:

  • The user can start and stop as many Tallydogs as desired so that playing difficulty is controlled by the user.
  • Features relaxation music used in focused meditations, or click on the mute the app music and listen to your own selection of music while playing.
  • Fun and creative Tallydog artwork.
  • The game does not ask for any permissions to run so no need to worry about what this app has access to.
  • The game is not timed, so play at your own rate.
  • The game does not have a points system, but is solved by getting the Tallydogs into their final positions.
  • All game motions and transitions are smooth and visually gentle.

To play Tallydog Circle of Friends touch the Tallydogs one at a time to start and stop them.   Start as many as you feel comfortable playing with at any time.   Line up the Tallydogs with the inner most ring of Tallydogs.  Press the center button when you think you have all the Tallydogs in their final position and are ready to finish the level.   After completing the level press the center button again to start the next level.


Below shows a sample screen with all the Tallydogs lined up to the inner most ring of Tallydogs.

Tallydog Help

Tallydog Circle of Friends is a mobile game app based on Tallydog art which can be played on Apple mobile products and Android mobile products.